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Christmas 2022

Well the  year has filled with ups and downs for many people with multiple pandemics including Covid and RSV and a heavy flu outbreak. Many people have struggled this year both in America and around the world. We had a productive year with gardens growing in Tanzania, and Uganda as well as rice distributions in both countries to help aid them during the pandemic and drought. This Christmas we aided over 450 children to have a brighter Christmas in the region, in Roanoke and in Appalachia.

We distributed over a half of a ton of food for Christmas as well to nearly 250 families. Praise God for the abundance we could give!!!

Christmas 2021

It has been a year full of trials and anxieties all across the globe. Through the pandemic WorldCare Relief Ministry has been working with those less fortunate to help bring food, supplies and hope to people in need. This Christmas, WorldCare Relief helped bring Christmas to Families in need in Tanzania, Uganda, and in Virginia in the Appalachia, Emporia, Williamsburg and Virginia Peninsula regions. This year we delivered over one ton of food to families in need. And brought Christmas to over 650 people in Virginia and over 200 people internationally.

Summer-Fall 2021

It's been a difficult pandemic for people all over the world. WorldCare Relief Ministry has been helping families in India, Uganda and Tanzania during this difficult time. There have been widespread food shortages and employment incomes have been affected for the poorest. Our efforts have included rice and produce distributions to families and helping to plant community gardens to feed hundreds of people in church communities in these nations.

Christmas 2020

This was a difficult year because of COVID. But by the grace of God we were able to still make Christmas special for about 500 hundred people in Buchanan with the help of some of the areas finest who helped distribute to families in need safely with a drive thru distribution of food, toys and clothing. With food distribution totaling nearly 1 ton of non perishable foods and fresh produce. God is Good and we are so grateful for the help.

We also provided Christmas rice and vegetable distributions to over 150 people in the African nations of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

Christmas 2019 

We had an amazing delivery in Appalachia again including a special delivery to a family with a special needs child healing from several significant medical conditions. Her name is Akisha and she received her first tricycle !!!!

We delivered over 3/4 of a ton of food this year including a half-ton to Appalachia.! Amen Thanks be to God for all his abundance!

Fall 2019
We have just completed another excellent food bank delivery for Thanksgiving families in need. Gearing up for Christmas Appalachia Project!!!
Summer 2019
We have two new overseas gardens in process in Uganda and Tanzania.After securing the land and seeds, the gardens should feed over 200 needy people in small communities within Jinja, Uganda and Sumbawanga, Tanzania! Amen!


December 2018
Annual Toy Drive Appeal for James City County, Emporia and Buchanan County Appalachia, Virginia
We Delivered over 2,000 pounds of food including 720 pounds of Turkey and 1,400 pounds of non perishable Holiday Food as well as Christmas toys for over 500 needy children. 

Hurricane Michael  Mission: Our recent work in November 2018 was an amazing success. We were able to bring much needed food relief to help those who suffered from the plights of Hurricane Michael in Florida . We served a community Pasta Dinner for 250 people for those without cooking ability in mid November. Then we helped provide over 400 meals to  first responders and to those in need during Thanksgiving and helped provide food supplies for 100 people for Christmas in the Panama City Beach, Florida  area. 



We Can’t Do it Without You

We wouldn’t be able to run WorldCare Relief Ministry without the generous contributions from donors across the globe. Your support has the power to immediately make a difference in someone’s life. All of your support goes towards making a difference for so many others.



Like the orphans in India in the picture to the right, each donation helps afford gifts of food and hope for children and families in need. I look forward to working together to make the world a better place for all humanity. Your partnership and generosity with WorldCare Relief Ministry will bring aid and hope to those people in the most need.


**ALL DONATIONS on our website are processed only through a : SECURE DIRECT PAYPAL LINK...

Thank You for caring to help change the world for the better. God Bless You!

Pastor Lori Hovey

Sponsored Orphans in India


Changing Hearts~Changing Lives

WorldCare Relief Ministry's goal is to bring sustainable food, clean water, medicine, educational opportunities and shelter to those in the most need across the world. We raise funds to support these important global initiatives.

Each project of WorldCare Relief Ministry helps to build greater global poverty relief and works to improve connections that honor God's second great commandment to "love your Neighbor as Yourself". We know that each person has God given gifts and the capacity to help other people live better lives.

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Grundy Food and Toy Distribution
Thanksgiving Panama City Beach
India Orphanage
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Clothes Donation
Community Service
Soup Kitchen
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Giving Hope

Hope is often the biggest gift you can give to those who suffer the most. While aid can help sustain them for a period of time, the belief in a greater tomorrow can lead them to much greater achievements.

Each mission project we do is based on the belief that faith in God's Grace can bring amazing things to ALL people!

All efforts faith based people do to assist others across the globe is joining in the effort of God's Grace. Being a part of his work for humanity is a great honor.  But oftentimes a lack of faith and hope to overcome the challenges and struggles they face can block them from maintaining a quality of life can be the biggest problem.

We seek to work with others to be a  blessing to God and his children by giving to others in need! We Pray you will join us in this important work!

May God's Grace be upon your life!



Our Roots

Founded in 2014, WorldCare Relief Ministry has been helping change improve lives for people all across the globe. Our work has brought aid to people in Uganda, The Congo, Kenya, Pakistan, India, Kosovo, Gaza, as well as those that are most needy in the United States including Appalachia. Our goal is to help those most marginalized with assistance for nutritional food, medicine, clean water, educational opportunities and proper housing and shelter.

Our most recent work was food relief to help those who suffered from the plights of Hurricane Michael in Florida . We helped provide over 400 meals to those in need during Thanksgiving in the Panama City Beach, Florida  area. 

Additionally, for the littlest of our children in need, we have focused on bringing them more than the basics of: food, medicine, clean water, proper housing and educational opportunities. Our goal for them is to help bring the joy of childhood and the love of Christ through holiday toys and hope.


At WorldCare Relief Ministry, we are committed to a single goal; striving to make the world a better place for those who struggle with the plight of poverty, deprivation, disaster, a lack of financial and educational resources. We know that for many there is a lack of hope for a better tomorrow. Our goal is to help change that through the power of God's Grace.


Explore our website to learn more about all the projects and initiatives we are doing to make the world a better place. We are a faith based, non-profit organization dedicated to working with people from all over the world for the betterment of the world.


We invite you to join us to help make a difference for people that are in the most need. Your efforts can assist people across the globe as they fight to overcome the challenges and struggles that block them from maintaining a basic quality of life.


May the blessings God has given you be multiplied as you give to others in need!

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